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Laura's Turkey Trip Story

7/14/2017 1 Comment

Laura's Turkey Trip Story

In 2012 I was going through some changes in my life and decided I needed a change of scenery and adventure. I can't say exactly what drew me to Istanbul, but I felt a pull in that direction. So, I booked a flight from Miami to Istanbul and into a lovely little Guesthouse called Best Hipodrom. Best Hipodrom is located just metres away from the gorgeous Blue Mosque. I didn't plan anything else for my trip. I wanted to just see what would happen and where I would end up.
sultan ahmet mosque

When I arrived in Istanbul, I was so jet lagged. I decided the best course of action would be to set off on foot exploring in the hopes of getting a good night's sleep that evening. The first place I made my way to was the Blue Mosque. It was absolutely gorgeous. I had never seen anything like it in my life before. At that time, there was a Lonely Planet app which you could use without internet and it would track where you were in the city and give you information about the sites you were seeing. I did many group tours whilst in Istanbul, but I have to say my favourite part of the trip was just walking around with my app, coming across little hidden treasures. I am not sure why that app is no longer available cause it was amazing.

When I travelled to Turkey, some trouble had broken out and there were warnings all over the news. I was advised to change my plans. I am so glad I did not listen to anyone. What I experienced was so far from what was being played out in the media. I found the people to be so warm and friendly. At no time on my travels did I feel threatened or scared. When I arrived, the owner of Best Hipodrom was so unbelievably nice. Being a vegan, I asked for some advice on where to get suitable food. Not only did she give me advice, she took me to one of the restaurants herself. And then she sat with me to have some Turkish coffee. I have never experienced such warm hospitality before or since.

Turkish Foods

 I believe this deserves its own paragraph. The food was one of the best parts of my travels. I absolutely enjoyed trying all the local foods. I ate out three times a day, and there was not one meal that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. Turkish food is a vegans dream. Pita with hummus and the best olives I have ever tasted were just some of the things I enjoyed. I also left with a considerable amount of Turkish delight. I loved going into the stores and seeing all the different flavours and varieties available. Another thing I just loved was the fresh fruit available on the streets. What a lovely break to sight seeing.

Turkish delight

One evening I decided to go to Sultana's. I couldn't travel all the way to Turkey and not see belly dancing. What an amazing evening that was. There were musicians, belly dancers and of course more delicious Turkish food. This was such an incredible experience for me. I was the only traveller alone and was sitting at my little table for one. At one point during the evening, they open up the dance floor for everyone to have some fun. I think I danced with every waiter there and ended up having such an incredible evening. There was so much laughing and I danced my heart out. Just because you are a solo traveller, does not mean you should miss out on all the fun!

Sultan Ahmet Mosque

My advice to anyone considering a trip to Turkey? Do it! Do it now. You will fall in love with the country and the culture. I cannot put into words how incredible my trip was. My only complaint? It was too short. I definitely have plans to head back to Istanbul one day to do some more exploring. Are you a solo female traveller? Have you travelled to Istanbul? I would love to hear about your experiences. Please comment below. 

I m really grateful to Laura for that amazing article..I hope that we can see you at Turkey with your family.I think that I m not only one person who like Laura's article style and words she really godo at about writing so if you curious about Laura I will say something about her,,she is really kind and nice person and Laura now does all her travelling with her husband, Henry and their 3 year old English Bulldog Lincoln. Lincoln has his own blog where he talks about all their adventures 

Salda Lake is Turkey's Maldives

7/13/2017 18 Comments
Turkey's Maldives

Salda Lake is Turkey's Maldives

After long time writing an article because in summer season cant write much things.While reading I saw about something Salda Lake.When I was university ı heard many things about it because my university is not much far away from there and there were tours at weekends.Salda is a tectonic lake at Aegean region in Turkey.I will write about why called it Turkey's Maldives ,where is the lake ,how can go there and where stay in there so I will give a  few reason for to visit Turkey too.

Where is Salda Lake

Salda lake is located in Yeşilova district in Burdur.It has about 184 meters depth so its second depth lake in Turkey.Its not much far away from Pamukkale so if you come pamukkale do not come back to see Salda lake.

Why called it Turkey's Maldives

salda lake

Its a lake with turquoise color and white sands.When see it can think that ıts look like Maldives.Salda lake is the 5th clear lake in the world.Anyway can see it on photos too.If you take photo in there and share it social media people can think that you are at Maldives :)

There are 2 beaches in Salda Lake.Yeşilove beach and Salda Forest beach, there are 3 kilometers distance between beaches and some places are deep blue so just can swim that beaches.ıts more safety.

Where I can stay at Salda Lake

There are a few motels near Salda and can stay in Yeşilova too.But
if you like nature can make camping near Salda Lake.Actually there are youth camps between july and august months.Nature,forest and deep blues.Will fall in love there .

How I can go Salda Lake.

There are a few routes to go there.I said before ig you come to pamukkale can come to Burdur and Yeşilova.Another routes is come to Isparta by plane and rent a car for to come Salda.

If you like nature,camping ,photography must see there when come to Turkey.

My Turkey Travel Story

7/01/2017 18 Comments


As a Catholic, my husband and I have joined pilgrimages in both local and international destinations.  Aside
from being able to travel with pilgrims of our own "age group"  meeting people in all walks of life, pilgrimages is spiritually fulfilling as it indulges you to have a different kind of rest and relaxation.

my turkey tripOur most recent pilgrimage is "The Steps of St. Paul" where we got the chance to be in Greece, Turkey, and Malta.

I will focus and share with you our trips in and around Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul is the city that connects Europe and Asia, one of the major cities of Turkey located in the Marmara region working out its function as a bridge between the Eastern and Western.

Hippodrome Obelisk

The oldest obelisk of Istanbul is on the spina of the Hippodrome.  This monument is constructed of monolithic stone was erected circa 1500 B.C.  in front of a temple in the city of Hireapolis in ancient Egypt honoring the Pharoah Tutmosis Iii.


Although the  Column of Constantine Porphyrogenitus bears the name of an emperor, our tour guide said it is not  exactly known by whom it was constructed.  The obelisk has a massive appearance made of dressed stone.  Indeed, impressive!

Hagia Sophia Museum

Located at the Sultanamet Square opposite the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia is one of the most beautiful construction I have seen in my lifetime and a MUST SEE to anyone who wants to visit Turkey,  With its glory and magnificence, it is one of the greatest examples of early Byzantine architecture and the Eastern art.   Hagia Sophia has the features of a longutudinal classical basilica plan of Byzantine archirecture with  a rectabgular shape 69.50 meters in width and 73,50 meters in length and  as the third in the world  in terms of its size after the Cathedral of St. Pierre in Seville and the cathedral of Milan. With decorated mosaics, the Hagia Sophia  with marbles , vaults,   half domes and top coverings have magnificent mosaics more beautiful than the other decors.  One can only admire with disbelief how these mosaics and marbles were done and maintained up to this time.

Basilica Cistern... Underground Palace

Also xalled the underground Palace is the largest of several other cisterns that still lie beneath the city.   According to our guide, the cistrrn was named Basilica because of the Illius Basilica  that was once located nearby.  Water of the Basilica  comes from Egrikapa  Water distribution center  through Bosdogan and Malova  aqueducts. The Cistern contsins 336  marble columns , each 5 meters high.  The columns are arranged in 12 rows each row consisting of 28 columns, lined up st 4 meters intervals and majority of the columns appeared to have been taken from older buildings and which were engraved from diverse types of marbles and granite.

Oh, there are big fishes swimming in the water, which we found to help ease our fear...

The Blue Mosque

 inside of blue mosque

The Blue Mosque has a special place among the various Ottoman buildings constructed in the Sultanahmet Square.  This, I consider the  masterpiece of architecture because of the grandeur of the building itself, inside out.  The interior details are breathtaking that words are not enough to describe its beauty.  It is a must see!

Located on a vast rectangular courtyard appears closer to be closer to a square shape, has eight different  gates with three opening to the square.  The magnificent tiles in the mosque indicates that the Ottoman tile art which reached its zenith of power in the   16th century maintained its power in this century.   The tiles in blue, green, and torquise colors were mostly used.


Among the museums that one should visit are:   Turkish and Islamic Arts,The Great Palace Mosaic,  Istanbul Archselogy, and many more.  These museums houses many collections including the works  of art belonging to different cultures within the boundaries of the Ottoman empire extenfing from Balkans fpto Africa and ftom Anatolia  to Mesopotamia, Arabian peninsula and Afghanistan.

Topkapi Palace Museum

This is located in Sultanahmet of Eminonu district of Istanbul.
With so many sections consisting of the Harem section,  Sacred relics, where we saw the BIG diamond and Topkapi Dagger,  and other treasures.

Grand Bazaar

One can definitely get lost if unaccompanied by somebody who is familiar with its entrance snd exit gates.  I would have loved to buy all the beautiful Ottoman lamps, turk eyes, spices, and a lot more, but we do not have time to look around.  Thst is why, I want to go back and "get lost" shopping at the Grand Bazaar.  God willing, I will come back agsin, soon.

The House of Mama Mary at Ephesus

There's an unexplainable feeling  I felt when I got inside the house... serene, spiritual, and holy!  Our pilgrimage chaplain celebrated mass in the chapel and we capped the day walking in the vast ruins of Ephesus.

Our tired body and feet were totally vanished! The experience we had after the Holy Mass was exhilirating! There were so many things to do, so many other places to visit, so many other foods that we should taste, so many souvenirs that were not bought... We should really go back to Turkey

Thanks a lot Angie M. Canlas for that good article hope that we can see you and your husband in Turkey again.

Buyukada one of the beautiful touristic island in Istanbul

6/20/2017 4 Comments
buyukada island Istanbul

A Touristic Attraction Buyukada (Prince) Island in Istanbul

Today I will write about Buyukada and try to introduce for our followers.Try to tell how can go there,what can do in Buyukada,what is famous in Buyukada and what is mean of Buyukada name .Hope that can like it. In Turkish Buyukada but it's old name was Prinkipo and its mean is Prince in Greek language.Buyukada island is center of the islands district in Istanbul.Buyuk mean is big in Turkish so its name came from it because Buyukada is the biggest island in Istanbul.(It is about 5.4 km square)Buyukada is really good place to rest and meet with nature.People visit there for to escae from Istanbul's stress and traffic.There is no traffic in island just there are pulic cars (police,ambulance..) people use phaeton and bicycle.If you like nature,sea and history should visit Buyukada island when come to Istanbul.

How can go to Buyukada

Buyukada island so just one way to go there will use ferryboat There are ferryboat service from Sirkeci, Kabataş ve Bostancı to Buyukada.

Which Places popular in Buyukada

Buyukada very popular with it's nature,historical mansions, natural ice cream The Monastery of St. George Koudonas and old Greek 

The Monastery of St. George Koudonas

the monastery was founded in 963, during the reign of Nicephorus II Phocas .Its a hold place especially for Greek orthodox people they visit there every year on 23 April.Monaster is located in Yucetepe and pilgrims climb the 203 meters for to visit there and pray.

The Greek Orphanage

The Greek Orphanage in İstanbul

 According to Jak Deleon, that orphanage was Europe’s largest wooden building, and the second largest in the world.The building was erected in 1898 by a French company. They planned to open it as a grand hotel called the Prinkipo Palace.But they wanted to  gambling casino but Sultan Abdül Hamid II refused to give permission.Than the building was then purchased by Eleni Zarifi and she donated it to the Ecumenical Patriarchate on condition that it be used as an orphanage.Orphanage used until in 1964.

10 things to do at Buyukada 

  • First thing to walk on island every pats especially beaches and can picnic too.
  • Rent a bicycle and enjoy and feel freedoom between forest.
  • Visit Islands museum and learn history of Island history and especailly sad moving stories.
  • Climb Hızır İlyas hill and will see Adakule(islandtower ) watch amazing sea and Istanbul view.
  • Visit The Monastery of St. George Koudonas and watch 
  • Visit Gerek orphanage
  • Ride phaetons andenjoy with historical mansions and streets.
  • Eat something at fish restaurants near sea
  • After eat something ice cream can be good and they are making really so good and natural.

Feast of Ramadan in Turkey

6/16/2017 23 Comments

Feast of Ramadan or Sugar Feast

sugar feast

Ramadan is holy month for muslims and its good to understand poor people and how to learn control desires in ramadan.After finish ramadan muslims celebrate feast of ramadan.I will write about feast of ramadan rituals ,how we prepare for it,what is special for that day what we do in feast of ramadan.

How Prepare for Ramadan Feast

My mother prepare for that dat a week ago.She clean all of home and every part.Actually she always clean but ramadan feast is more special.After clean home she cook some special foods for guests.
Especially baklava and stuffed grape leaves.People but new clothes
for feast especially parents buy for kids.People buy bus ticket and reservation hotels a month ago because its hard to find them.
If do not go somewhere must buy sugars for kids and its explain why people call it sugar fest because childrens visit all home and take sugar.It can be strange to visit foreign houses but its traditions.
When I was child I did it many times and ate all of sugar in a day.

What Turkish do in Feast of Ramadan

feast of ramadan
Actually ramadan feast start on Arife which a day before feast.
Because holiday start on Arife so if people visit another city they start on travel.

  • Get up early wear new clothes and go to mosque for feast pray.Day start with pray and everybody celebrate each other after pray in mosque
  • When come back to home celebrate family and kiss older persons hands and take your baksheesh.Its tradition older people give money for little kids and making happy them.
  • Family breakfast than visit relatives ,if they live far call them phone and celebrate them.
  • Little childrens visit many houses and take sugars or Turkish delight,some olders give money too.
  • Granfathers and grandmothers wait visitors and they feel so happy when someone visit them.
Muslims celebrate feast of ramadan during 3 days,after end of the feastcontinue their life with peace until festival of sacrifices.

How does Ramadan Feast affect toursits ?

Actually it can be good for foreign toursits in İstanbul because people going for hometowns for to visit relatives .There are no traffic and crowded in Istanbul.But cant say same thing for Antalya and another toutistical places because domastic toursits visit there but this year ramadan feast holiday not much because efast day is sunday and feast will finish wednesday.I think that efast will not affect foreign toursits.I am planing to visit Istanbul too and good time for to go there.

Hope that liked our article and please do not forget to drop comments and if you like it can share another people..

Museum pass cards for tourists in Turkey

6/16/2017 12 Comments

What is Museum Pass Card

I will write about Museum card today.Its really usefull card when I was student at university I use it many times for to go pamukkale and Hierapolis ancient city.Students always find cheaper way so museum card really cheap and has many advantages.

Will write how will buy museum card,wich museum can use it museum pass card,how much money will pay and how many days can use museum pass card.

Museum Pass Istanbul

Tourists can use it only Istanbul and can buy it only 85 Turkish lira about 21£ ,can use it 5 days after first enterance of museums.If use it museum pass card do not wait for to buy ticket come inside easily and do not pay much for enterance.There are some discount if you use another service.

Museum Pass  İstanbul Sales Points

Hagia Sophia Museum
İstanbul Archaeological Museums
Museum of  Turkish and Islamic Arts
İstanbul Mosaic Museum
Museum for the History of Science and Technology in Islam
Chora Museum
Galata Mevlevi House
Rumeli Hisar Museum

Another Pass Cards

Museum Pass Cappadocia

It is special for cappodocia region and just 45 Turkish lira about 11£ and can visit Ihlara Valley, Göksu Open Underground City, Goreme Dark Church, Kaymakli Underground City, Özkonak Underground City, Nevşehir Museum, Çavuşin Ruin, Hacıbektaş Museum, Zelve-Pasabaglar Ruins just one time.

Museum Pass the Aegean

It is special for İzmir,Muğla and Aydın cities and can use it every museums and ruins in that regions.Its prize is 75 Turkish lira about 21£ and can use it 7 days after first enterance.

Museum pass the Mediterenean

It is special for Antalya Adana and Mersin cities and cau use it every museums and ruins in that cities.It's prize is 60 Turkish lira about 15£ and can use it 7 days after first enterance.

Museum Pass Turkey

Museum Pass Turkey card will provide one entrance to each Museum / Ruins which more than 300 museums and regions affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,  for the user and will be valid for 15 days from the first use.

top famous beaches in Turkey

6/15/2017 32 Comments

Top Famous Beaches in Turkey

Weather become so hot these days in Turkey so tourism turkey team searched some famous beached in Turkey for visitors.Turkey is like a península, there are sea 3 side of  Turkey.Some toursits visit Turkey just for that beaches and sea.That list will give some reasons for to visit Turkey.

Patara Beach

patara lycia beach

Patara Beach,  is one of the largest and beautiful beaches in this region, located near the patara ancient city.The longest and most spectacular beach in Turkey, about 18 kilometers seaside ,  rafine and white sand ,sea is shallow.There are always wind so its good for windsurf.

Oludeniz lagoon (Dead Sea)

The town has spectacular natural beauties, Oludeniz Beach, one of the famous beaches of the world, is waiting for you and your esteemed guests with its unique and serene beauty. Calis Beach is undoubtedly the first place that comes to mind when it comes to the beach. The beach is thrilling in the heart of those who see white sands, blue and clear sea.Fethiye ölüdeniz ,most beautiful beach in the world was selected in 2006


bodrum peninsula

Bodrum is really famous resort in Turkey and many people prefer Bodrum for holiday.Can see that white houses on photo and akk of houses are white in Bodrum.There are plenty of pretty beaches including Bitez and Türbükü.Bodrum is good for  windsurfing too.

Kaputas Beach

kaputaş beach

On the left side of the coast road between Kas and Kalkan, you will see beauty of Kaputas Beach. you can reach by descending 187 steps from the highway. The water of the beach is usually cool and turquoise.We think that if it is a bit troublesome to reach Kaputaş which is one of the best beaches of Turkey but it is worth this beauty.

Antalya Kleaopatra Beach

Turkey Kleopatra beach

The beach, which is named after Cleopatra, the last queen of ancient Egypt, has a clear sea and golden coasters.In addition to swimming on the beach, you can also benefit from water sports such as parachuting, jet skiing, sea biking.There are many buffets on the beach and you can easily meet all kinds of food and drink needs.

Cirali Beach-Antalya

çıralı beach

History and green meet with sea in there at the same time caretta caretta's hosted in there.Unique beauty in Çıralı beach which walking distance.You can camp or stay in bungalow hotels.Cirali is a natural and historical site so do not allow to make bigger buildings so it   make it even more beautiful.

İztuzu Beach-Dalyan

dalyan iztuzu beach

Iztuzu one of the rare beaches of the world, between sea water and fresh water.This  nature of the beach is also called Turtle Beach because t left the Caretta Caretta's eggs.The beach is closed between 20.00 and 08.00 in order not to disturb the turtles

Ovabükü Beach

ovabuku beach

Ovabükü is the most beautiful of the Mediterranean and one of Datça's most famous beaches.Little pensions, gardens and small restaurants almost like a secret paradise.

Omus Cove -Marmaris

amos masrmaris beach

Amos cone is  one of the quietest coastal areas in Bozburun peninsula,in Turkey.You can enjoy both sea pleasure and historical journey on Amos beach.Amos, only 24 km far  from  Marmaris 

Ilıca Beach-Cesme

casme beach

Ilıca's mean is hot water spring in Turkish and there are hot water springs in the sea in there so its name come from it.Long, wide, white sandy beach and warm thermal waters boiling in the sea like a spa pool.Ilıca is especially ideal for lovers of beach sand and warm water.

Hope that like that amazing places and please share for another people and comments for us.

black rose of turkey

6/11/2017 8 Comments

Black Rose of Turkey

the black rosa of turkey
I m sure that we saw red,yellow,pink,
white roses but when I  say black rose
many people can think that ıts a joke.
Yeha there are natural black rose in the word and just grown in Turkey.
The black rose grown in Halfeti.
Halfeti is district of Şanlıurfa in 
southeast Anatolia.Black rose just grown in Halfeti, when moved another place their color change become red.Its really interesting that black rose just grown in Halfeti in Turkey.

Features of Black Rose

The balck rose was first collected from Halfeti in 1888 by the German pharmacist and plant collector Paul Sintenis but introduced to the world of science by Speta in 1977.The black rose, which lost 116 years, was rediscovered for the second time with this work.
For the first time this rose is collected from Mesopotamia and is known only to this region, so it takes its name from the region and is called "Mesopotamia hyacinth"It is an endemic plant that grows only in Halfeti inTurkey  all over the world.

Climate, soil, humidity making a special rose in Halfeti.Black rose 
blossom second times in a year.In Spring and autumn seasons black rose blossoms and grown about 6-7 cantimeters diamaters.Black rose grown up about 1-1,5 meters tall.When cut its flowers it's color change too.

I hope that liked our article please do not forget to frop comments and share article for friends.

Ottoman culture and traditions

6/09/2017 3 Comments

Ottoman culture and traditions

ottoman empire bazaar

Ottoman Empire was not only a military empire.They conquered some place without swords, they conquered with respect and tolerance.Ottoman  has a rich culture and traditions.Ottoman Empire reign for 700 years, its so long time they were strong but culture traditions and rules affected to live so long time.Tourism Travel Turkey team searched some interesting and nice Ottoman traditions for folllowers.We will see how they are thoughtful and polite people.

  • Some tradesmans has a notebook which there are list of loans,who has loan and how much they loan.Especially on Ramadans rich people come to tradesmans  and say that tear a paper than pay that poor's loan.But they do not know each other never.Its best way to help people without know each other,ın secretly.
  • When come to guests owner of home offer coffee and water.If guest not hungry they drink firstly coffee but if they are hungry they drink water firstly.Than owner of home prepare foods for guests.Its really so good becuse if they ask are you hungry we can cook something maybe they can feel shy and cant say but its really thoughtful.
There are two type door knob at Ottoman.first one make much noise another one less noice.When a male come to home use much noice knob but if a female come to home she use less voice knob.In Ottoman ages male and female cant see each other much.So they used that way.

  • Ramadan was so special for Ottoman people so people help poor people much on ramadan month.Doors always open for poor people and they can join dinners freely.
  • Ottoman tradesmans think each other much.If his neighboor cant sell anything,tradesmans send their second customers to neighboor shop.Say that I sell something but my neighboor cant sell anything buy that things from my neighboor.
Flowers say something to people at Ottoman culture.If there are yellow flowers in front of windows its mean there is a patient in that home so be carefull and do not make noise.If
there are red flowers its mean there is a girl who in marriage age.So be carefull your speech and do not use slang words.

  • Young people do not walk front of olders.It is show respect.
  • House's front side look at Qibla.Neighboors do not cut another neighboor's sun light while construction new home.
  • Theer are charity box near mosques.Rich people put money into charity boxes for poors.Poor people come there and take anough money,they do not take much, think another poors too.Its really wonderfull things,they do not see each other.Poor do not feel shy,rich do not know who is.
  • Ottoman people like birds much, they built birds home near windows, or put water cup and sesame.
  • When a family come to home for allow to marriage or see girl, girl's family look at boy's knee.Beucase if boy pray there will be a mark on knee.They understand that he is a good muslim or not.
We just try to show some Ottoma traditions and cuture, fo course there are many things too.We just write most famous ones.Hope that like it,Please share and drop commnets.

British travel writer invited English tourists to Turkey

6/08/2017 Add Comment

British travel writer invited English tourists to Turkey

Emma Thomson, travel writer of the  Independent Journal  call of the "go to Turkey for vacation" at column.Turkish tourism sector 
workers delighted for that news.

Emma Thomson wrote his travel impressions on his column.
Especially wrote about Lycian road in Fethiye,Patara ancient city,
Historical Kayakoy (Rock village) and outdoor sports.Fethiye's
tradespeople and tourism sector workers happy for it.

Fethiye Hotels Association leader Bülent Uysal said that last year 
we did not have good season because military coup and terrorism affected tourism but this year hope that will be better .

Fethiye has a about 55.000 bed capacity and avarage 1.250.000 millions tourits visit Fethiye.Especially English tourists visit Fethiye.Babadağ, Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy, historical Lycian Road and the famous historical and natural beauties in Fethiye.Independent Journal writer Emma Thompson made delighted and proud us with his article about Fethiye at his column.

top visited museums in Turkey

6/07/2017 1 Comment

Top Visited Museums in Turkey

Every year thousends toursits visit Turkey.So toursits come to Turkey for nature,some for history some prefer to beaches.But there are famous museums in Turkey.Many people like to visit museums so Tourism Travel Turkey team searched top famous museums in Turkey.According to The Culture Ministry's datas 29 ,5 millions toursits visit museums in 2014.About 20 million foreign and 9,5 domestic toursits prefered that museums.

1-Topkapı Palace Museum

Topkapı palace museum

After coonquered Costantinopolis Ottoman Empire's capital city changed and İstanbul become new capital city and Topkapı palace construction started in 1460 and finished in 1478.Ottoman Empire 
After Ottoman empire tv series domestic and foreign toursits visited
much Topkapı Palace.

2.Hagia Sophia Museum

hagia sophia museum

Hagia Sophia is holy for muslims and christians.Hagia Sophia was biggest temple in the world many years.Every day many toursits visit Hagia Sophia and it has really different and amazing atmosphere.Museum entrance price is 25 turkish lira.

3-Ephesus Ruins

ephesus ruins

Ephesus is one of the important tourism center in Turkey and especially church of Mary is hold for christians.Many papa visited there before too.

4-Goreme Open Air Museum


Cappadocia,Goreme and Urgup famous tourism center is in central Anatolia.Foreign and domestic toursits visit there every season.Foreign toursits especailly visit St. Barbara Church,Apple (Elmali) Church,Snake (Yilanli) Church,Dark Church (Karanlik Kilise),Carikli (Sandals) Church,Buckle (Tokali) Church.

5-Topkapı Palace Harem Museum

ottoman harem

After Magnificent century tv serie people curious about Ottoman empire family,sultans and harem.After than Harem museum become more popular and Harem apartments in Topkapı palace but neccesary another ticket for enterance.

6-St.Nicholas Church Museum (Santa Claus)

St.Nicholas Museum

St.Nicholas was a bishop in Myra.People liked him much and after he dead they gave hin rank of saint and consturcted a church.His 
tomb was in church but While crasuders some soldiers stole his some bones and took them to Bari.Another bones are in Antalya Museum.Santa Claus enterance is 15 Turkish Lira 

7-Myra Ruins

Myra rock tombs

Myra ruins are located in district Kale(Demre) in Antalya region.Myra was a Lycia city.Lycia period's tombs,antique theater are attentions domestic and foreign tourists.Every year many tourists visit there.Myra ruins enterance is 15 Turkish Lira 

8-Troya Ruins

Troya ruins

Troya is famous ancient city in the world.Troya  added world heritage centre bye UNESCO in 1998. Troya ancient city have nine layers so it show that about 3000 years age. First layer show that 3000-2500 BC Early Bronze Age.Last year belong to Roman Empire. First archaeological excavations made bye Heinrich Schliemann in 1871.

T hope that like our article and please do not forget to drop comments.

Turkish Weddings Traditions

6/07/2017 23 Comments

Turkish Weddings Traditions

Turkish traditional bride

Last day our Tourism Travel Turkey team wrote about interestign turkish traditions and today we will write about weddings traditions.We will write about traditional anatolian weddings, how is process about it.What they are doing, families,couples and friends.When you travel Turkey can see some regions that type of weddings but its very rare but people still doing that traditions some places in anatolia.

  • Once upon a time mothers and older persons of family choose brides even couples see each other at wedding.Mothers go to Turkish bath for to look at bride.When like a girl for her son she search girl's family.Than go to girl's home.Its as a lookout team.If they like girl and her family come back again.
  • When they like girl they come again  for to want her as a bride from her family.If girl's family allow they can marry but if they do not want they cant marry.
  • Boy's family give money to girl's family.ıts bride price but recently do not do that tradition.
  • If they accept about marriage they talk about what they will buy for marriage.
  • When they come second time for allow marriage girl make coffee and add salt groom's cup.If groom drink it, it show that he will be good husband
  • Girl's make handworks and share her dowry for guests.If  she has much dwory , it show that bride is talented.
  • Turkish traditional weddings start thursdays or friday and it take about 3 days.
  • Traditional Turkish bride's costume was red but about 80- 90 years girls prefer white costume.
tie red belt bride
  • Girl's brother or father (if she dont have brother) tie red belt while bride go our from father home.Its mean we grown up our girl and save her and her virginity.Now that duty is her husband.

  • Before wedding ceremony girls make henna night and just groom can join it.When dab henna girl do not open hands before for to take money and gold from mother in law.
  • When come to take bride, a little son sit on dower-chest and groom or his father give money for to take it.
  • Once upon a time groom's family and guests come with camel or horse for to take bride.But these days there are cars for it.But still there are that tradition in anatolia.
  • While bride go out from her afther's home she break little cruse or jug.Its mean give up her bad features at her father's home.
  • Couples invite their relatives and friends and they bring money or golds for to give them.
  • When finish wedding ceremony couples go for first night.After first night they had to show sheet with blood.It was important to to show brides virginity.Virginity is important for Turkish culture.
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Top interesting Turkish traditions

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Top Interesting Turkish Traditions

top interesting Turkish traditions

Turkey has a rich traditions.Some tradtions come from middle asia too.Today I will write about some Turkish tradtions maybe they can be interesting and strange for foreigns.We have different traditions for many situations.Our weddings, festivals, birth,ramadan..
Turkey travel team collected some interesting traditions for our followers.

  • Turkish people kiss their older people hands.Its a respect ritual.  It can be interesting because foreign people kiss woman's hands.But our different and we show our respects to older persons.
  • When our sons go to army( In Turkey when male 20 years old they join army, its duty for a year mostly) their family and friends created a celebration and dab henna their hairs.Its mean I grown up my son for motherland and he is my sacrifice for motherland.Motherland is holy for Turkish people.
  • Before ramadan and  sacrifice eid womans clean all home and make baklava for guests.Youngers visit olders and olders give money childrens.Childrens visit every home in their neighborhood and take sweets.Parents buy new clothes for kids and everybody wear news clothes in eids.
  • When couples have a baby, their family and friends visit and give presents.An older person say baby's name its ear and adhan.Baby can not go out 40 days and take bath               frequently.
  • Once upon a time our older person decided our marriage and mothers  go to Turkish bath for to look at bride.Than say her son I like a girl for you and we will go to see girl at home.Than they go and if they like go second time take permission for marriage.But these days everybody find their partner.But that tradition continue some regions in anatolia.
  • When go to permission for marriage bride make coffee but she add salt groom's cup.If groom drink, its mean he will be a good husband and will do everything for his wife.
  • When our relatives or friends go to hadj holy lands we visit them.When they come back they take presents for relatives and friends and we visit again for to celebrate their hadj.
  • When someone dead, their son or daughter call all of relatives and friends for funeral.Their neighboor bring meals their home. They do not cook in dead home just read Quran about 7 days than they make it after 40 days and 52th days.
I will continue to write about that subject especailly we have dfferent tradtions about weddings.They are interesting too.

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Turkey trip routes

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Mike's Turkey Travel Story

LOVE your blog!

A U.S. Citizen I first visited Turkey after multiple deaths in the family found me searching for a far-away holiday.  The experience with the people, the land and the food was so exceptional that I've returned at least once each year for extended holidays in every area of the country.

Bodrum city on the peninsula of the same name was my first destination and remains my favorite place for fun in the sun, relaxation, nightlife and boat excursions on chartered gulets.  

bodrum blue tour

      The stunningly blue waters of the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts never fail to exhilarate me.

bodrum castle view

      Gulets arriving for the annual Bodrum Regatta as seen from Bodrum Castle

bodrum harbor
 Bodrum Harbor viewed from the site of the ancient watchtower

      A two-day, one night commercial tour to Ephesus and Pamukkale during this first holiday demonstrated   not only the ancient history but the amazing geographic diversity of Turkey.  I remember commenting that the landscapes we saw between Pamukkale and Bodrum were akin to crossing the entire United States.

pamukkale hierapolis
  Ruins and small aqueducts at Pamukkale 

Mountains in the Southwest

Since that first visit I've enjoyed touring privately throughout the country.  My first impression that the Turkish people are generally wonderful has been confirmed everywhere we stay.  An only child I am proud to have a Turk as the closest thing I can imagine to a brother as well as others who count among my best ever friends.  A welcome guest in numerous Turkish homes where we are treated as family we have also hosted Turks in our southeast Missouri home and acted as guides for them in U.S. Cities and holiday destinations.  No matter where in Turkey we travel the people prove to be the most hospitable, intriguing and intuitive in my world travels.  Obey the Golden Rule and you will never have a problem in Turkey.

Perhaps the first thing I noticed about the country is the extraordinary food.  Simple and delicious Turkish food is rich in the finest produce you will find anywhere in the world.  The bread is truly the best, the lamb is to die for, the soups are exquisite and the lightly sweet desserts the stuff of dreams.  While you can find every Turkish dish in İstanbul nearly every region has a specialty that is genuinely amazing.  Among the fabulous specialties I have enjoyed are liver in Edirne, künefe in Hatay, cheese (making the best pizza) in Kars, stews cooked in a clay pot that you literally break open before eating in Cappadocia, pistachio baklava in Gaziantep, beans and stuffed peppers in Doğubayazıt, perfect char grill in Ayder, Maraş dorduma (ice cream) and the best boiled potatoes of my life when stranded and staying with the sole inhabitants (cattle ranchers) of a bombed out village in the mountains high above Kağızman.
Our hosts when stranded in the high mountains of the Northeast

The historian part of me was amazed to find that Turkey is quite arguably the home of human civilization with both ruins and buildings from a huge number of cultures.  The Roman ruins are more common and at times better than you will find anywhere.

aspendos ,Antalya
Aspendos--quite arguably the best preserved Roman Theater in the world

first photo One of two functioning ancient fountains at Sagalassos
second photo Temple of Zeus at Aizanoi.  The most intact and original Roman temple I have seen.  

zeus temple
The unique basement below the Temple of Zeus at Aizanoi
There is far more I would like to contribute to your blog but I will wait for your request.

Mike Thies
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA

Thanks for that good article dear Mike.I hope that when you come to Turkey and Bursa region we can eat Iskender Kebab or Köfte together and my blog always open for your good articles.